How to Play

Experience the fun of your favorite match-3 games while getting healthy.


  • Match 3 tiles in a row to clear the tiles

  • Match 4 or more tiles to earn power-ups

  • Use power-ups to progress in the game

  • Clear the required number of tiles of each kind to complete the level

  • Complete levels to advance in the game and unlock locations on the map


Unlock Health Tips

Clear levels to unlock tips that reinforce the information presented in National DPP lifestyle change program classes.

Arrow pointing to Tips in the WellQuest game
Weekly Challenges screen in the WellQuest game

Complete Real-World Challenges

WellQuest™ offers real-world weekly challenges around the 5 components of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, rest, and social/support. Players will have the option to choose the healthy lifestyle component they would like to focus on for the week. For example, a player may choose to focus on fitness and be given the challenge to go for a 20- to 30-minute walk after dinner 3 times this week. At the end of the week, players report if they completed their challenges for in-game rewards.

Earn and Collect Rewards

Complete levels and weekly challenges to unlock rewards. Rewards can be used to help clear levels.

Congratulations for Level Completed screen in WellQuest game
Biometric Data tracking screen in WellQuest game

Integrate Your Fitness Tracker

WellQuest™ is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. By integrating your fitness tracker, you not only have a convenient place to track your progress but may also earn rewards for your activity.


Safety and security of our players and coaches are a top priority for us. Players must agree to terms and conditions. All players will be identified through a username and avatar. No names or personal information will be visible to other players. Your information will not be sold or used to identify you.

Security lock for safety and privacy in the WellQuest game