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WellQuest™ is a serious health game developed to improve retention among participants enrolled in a National DPP lifestyle change program.

Data suggests participants who attend more sessions are more likely to achieve weight loss and physical activity goals.

WellQuest™ may also encourage the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits and reinforce knowledge elements of a CDC-approved lifestyle change program curricula.

WellQuest™ is being developed through funding from the CDC, and there are no fees/costs to organizations or enrolled participants to access and play the game.

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Adding WellQuest™ to Your Program

WellQuest™ provides you with another resource that complements your program to keep participants retained in the program, mindful of key educational concepts, and engaged as part of a support network. Ultimately, these features are intended to help participants achieve their overall health and wellness goals toward reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, which, in turn, can help coaches and program coordinators achieve program and overall organizational goals.

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Class Integration

WellQuest™ is designed to help National DPP lifestyle change program participants stay engaged in their program. We encourage integrating WellQuest™ into your classes about a month after the class starts. At that time, participants will have learned the basics of the class, nutrition, and physical activity.

We encourage you to introduce WellQuest™ during class with a demonstration of the game and instructions for participants. Provide your participants with the class code to connect to your course/organization.

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Key Game Features


As a participant collects all the tiles needed for a particular level, they will receive tips that reinforce the information presented in National DPP lifestyle change program classes.

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Weekly Challenges

Players will have the opportunity to choose real-life weekly challenges based on the component of a healthy lifestyle they want to focus on. For example, a player may choose to work on fitness for the week and choose the challenge to go for a walk after dinner 3 times during the week. At the end of the week, players will report if they completed their challenge to receive additional rewards in the game.

Monitor Progress

WellQuest™ allows you to see your participants’ progress such as weekly challenges and activity. This can help you identify what a participant’s needs and focuses are that you can integrate into your classes.

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Biometric Data tracking screen in WellQuest game

Fitness Tracking

WellQuest™ can connect to a player’s fitness tracker, allowing players and coaches to monitor activity and earn rewards within the game. WellQuest™ is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit.