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Why should our organization consider partnering with BioCentric in this effort?

WellQuest™ is designed to provide your National DPP organization and your lifestyle coaches with a tool that focuses on retention, engagement, and better outcomes through optimized gameplay and communication.

Why should we consider involving our enrolled participants in this effort?

By creating an entertaining approach to engage with your participants and extend their participation through program completion, we hope that your participants will experience the intended health outcomes relative to weight loss and physical activity and decrease the risk of progressing to type 2 diabetes.

Is BioCentric seeking any type of recognition through the DPRP?

No. BioCentric is not intending to seek recognition status through the DPRP, and WellQuest™ is not intended to deliver an approved National DPP curriculum in a standalone manner. Instead, the game is intended to be another resource for lifestyle coaches to complement the delivery of an approved curriculum.

Is my organization required to participate in this effort?

No. While we hope you will consider participating in this effort, your participation is strictly voluntary and is not a part of the CDC recognition process through the DPRP. There is no pressure to participate if you wish not to. Choosing not to participate will not have any effect on your CDC DPRP status or your grantee status.

How will BioCentric know how to design the game specifically for participants in the National DPP?

We took a user-centered design approach to develop the serious game by enlisting National DPP stakeholders to help us identify key issues and to provide feedback on: (1) game concepts, (2) topics and content, (3) game functionality, (4) game rollout, and (5) tools and functionality within gameplay to help lifestyle coaches engage with participants.

How will BioCentric engage with us to inform the “user-centered design”?

We conducted Focus Groups with program administrators/coordinators, lifestyle coaches, and enrolled participants to gain insights into developing WellQuest™ as a useful and effective intervention in achieving the intended objectives.

Have serious games been proven to be successful in changing behaviors?

Games that stretch over longer periods of time have helped people to quit addictive habits such as smoking and gambling. By harnessing social dynamics and social support, collaborative health games keep players motivated to stick with health goals and make healthier decisions.

Is using a “competitive” game a good approach?

Our goal is to design the game to be played collaboratively with participants encouraged to help each other rather than to simply compete, but the competitive nature of gaming can also be compelling.

What types of topics will be addressed in the learning associated with the game?

Content delivered through gameplay will drive education on the 5 components of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, sleep, and support.

Can anyone play the game?

No. Gameplay will be restricted to participants with access through a PIN (following enrollment in a National DPP LCP).

Will participants or National DPPs be charged for participating?

There will be no cost to organizations or individuals to access and play the game. Organizations participating in the initial roll-out and research project will receive a monetary incentive paid to the organization in an amount up to $150 per enrolled participant. This incentive will be provided to both the game-playing and control groups.

Will the information about participants in the game be private?

The game will comply with HIPAA guidelines, including design, rollout, and data analysis.

Where can I learn more about games being developed by BioCentric?

Please visit the BioCentric Games website for more information,

Is WellQuest™ available in multiple languages?

Currently, WellQuest™ is only available in English with plans of offering other languages in future versions of the game.

What fitness trackers are compatible with WellQuest™?

WellQuest is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit.

How will participants access WellQuest™?

The game is designed for play on iOS or Android mobile phones and will not be accessible or playable from other platforms (eg, website or gaming console)

How will participants connect with coaches and other participants?

Each class, coach, and participant will be given a specific PIN identifier when signing up for WellQuest™. This PIN will allow participants to interact with their class and coach. A different PIN will be given for each cohort in the organization.

We have a class starting soon. Will this class be eligible for the study?

WellQuest™ should be introduced during the first week of class. Classes starting in September and October 2021 will be eligible for the study. Classes starting prior to September 2021, will not be eligible for the study.